18 & 19 mars 2020
Paris  |  Porte de Versailles
MtoM - Objets Connectés et Communicants - IIoT | Design, Conception, Réalisation
Systèmes et Logiciels Embarqués | Affichage, Visualisation, Conception et Test de Systèmes Electroniques
Édition 2019
Highlight Your Deep-Tech ! – 1ère partie
Découvrez les startups innovantes qui vont faire l’IoT de demain. Elles sont recommandées et accompagnées de leur parrain (industriels, acteurs technologiques, etc….)

* Z#BRE, parrainée par Patrizio Piasentin - Sr Regional Sales Manager, South Europe SILICON LABS.
Jean-Paul Huon (CEO et Co-founder) parlera de "Fog Computing and Ambient Intelligence in Smart Buildings".
Office buildings are undergoing profound changes. They move from a logic of workspaces whose unit of measure is the square meter, to service spaces whose unit of measure will be the fluidity of use and the quality of services provided to the occupants.
To do this, Z#BRE designs solutions that leverage the capabilities of Silicon Labs components (MGM12P) to understand how space are exploited and enable more relevant services.
Based on mesh architectures associated with local processing by Edges, we exploit the multi-protocol possibilities of these new components.

* SKIPLY, parrainée par Régis Du Manoir - General Manager SYSCOM-PROREP.
Avec Thomas Ayrault, Skiply Key-Account Manager.
Skiply provides a full range of real-time solutions that help companies measure and improve customer satisfaction, simplify client/supplier relations, create smart living and working environments.
Thanks to the IoT, our satisfaction terminals and action buttons collect millions of data each year, report multiple events in real time, trigger customized actions and time stamp staff interventions.
Thomas Ayrault, Skiply Key-Account Manager, will explain how our devices adapt to all use cases (retail, industry, logistics, facility management, smart city...) and can be easily integrated into your business processes.
Skiply relies on SYSCOM-PROREP to supply its wireless and dual-mode Sigfox/LoRaWAN communication modules.

* WISEBATT, avec Wilfried Dron
Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer et son parrain.
Wisebatt is a unique simulation tool for electronics engineers developing IoT devices. They can build virtual prototypes and collaborate to make the optimal choice between cost, battery life and performance, very early in the design cycle. Within minutes, hardware engineers access complex modeling results that would usually take weeks. With it, our first customers were able to save 3 months and up to 200k€ in R&D. Our technology is patented and stems from 10+ years of research.

20/03/2019 de 13:00 à 14:00
Animée par Philippe Grange - Journaliste indépendant - MEDIA DEL'ARTE
Salle : Salle Miró
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