18 & 19 mars 2020
Paris  |  Porte de Versailles
MtoM - Objets Connectés et Communicants - IIoT | Design, Conception, Réalisation
Systèmes et Logiciels Embarqués | Affichage, Visualisation, Conception et Test de Systèmes Electroniques
Édition 2019
Dr. Arnaud Kaiser obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Paris 13 in 2011. He then joined the Communicating Systems Laboratory at the Atomic Energy Commission, France, as a research engineer until 2014. He worked on IPv6 vehicular networks and energy-efficiency in IPv6 home networks. He then joined the Technological Research Institute SYSTEMX, France, where he worked as a research engineer in cyber-security for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). Since September 2018, he is the project manager of the Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems (SCA) research project, which focus on misbehaviour detection for C-ITS. Arnaud supervises PhD students who are working on cyber-security and privacy for C-ITS. He published his works in major IEEE conferences and journals and is actively involved in the community as a reviewer for many conferences and journals. He also contributes to ETSI standardization activities related to C-ITS.
Société : Institut de Recherche Technologique SYSTEMX
Fonction : Chef de projet
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