18 & 19 mars 2020
Paris  |  Porte de Versailles
MtoM - Objets Connectés et Communicants - IIoT | Design, Conception, Réalisation
Systèmes et Logiciels Embarqués | Affichage, Visualisation, Conception et Test de Systèmes Electroniques
Édition 2019
Christopher WILD
From fast jets to car navigation and multimedia, from artificial intelligence to complexity theory, Chris has 33 years of experience in software technology and project delivery. Several of his creations can be seen in BMW and VW cars, mobile phones and the offices of semiconductor designers.

Currently CTO at Altran Sophia Antipolis, Chris has held positions as Software Development manager at Infineon, Corporate Architect at Compass design and numerous engineering positions with the British Government, Smith's Aerospace and Digital Corporation.

Besides a continuing enthusiasm and continuing contact with software design and construction (he still codes) Chris also takes pride in the development and leadership of world class software teams.
Société : ALTRAN
Fonction : Technical Director CoherenSE Solution
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