20 & 21 mars 2019
Paris  |  Porte de Versailles
MtoM - Objets Connectés et Communicants - IIoT | Design, Conception, Réalisation
Systèmes et Logiciels Embarqués | Affichage, Visualisation, Conception et Test de Systèmes Electroniques

Elproma is an independent, free thinking, flexible, fast, LOCAL decision making, Polish High-Tech IT company, founded in 1992.Our business is active in 3 independent segments.

M2M segment cover remote measurement, wireless data transfer, data acquisition and advanced signal processing.
Elproma is the leading manufacture in Europe of industrial terminals & industarial routers www.teleorigin.com
We design for our clients not only software/hardware but all systems.

Elproma designs and manufactures one of the most advanced terminals in Europe dedicated to wireless monitoring of vending machines www.vendometric.com.
We state of art ultra high precision time distribution systems - NTP/PTP time server.

Produits présentés
1/Terminal RB800 & RB900
Ideal for connecting devices with RS232 or RS485:
Vending Automation, serial UART interface, extremely compact (only 83 x 53.3 x 26 mm), Quad Band - can be used worldwide , embedded TCP/lP and UDP stacks, control via AT commands or Python/”C” application, for industrial control, sensors, alarms,telemetry, remote control.

2/RBMTX Lx1 router – small, robust and very cost-effective router, easy to use configuration via web interface, , openVPN, IPSec, TCP/IP, UDP, Python, ‘C’ or Java programmable, Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP protocol converter , optional backup battery and I2C interface.

3/RBMTX-Light is a low-cost, very small router made for wireless m2m applications. It is a compact device which supports 3G or 4G*, WiFi*, Ethernet networks and RS232, RS485 and USB* interfaces.
RBMTX-Light is a universal solution for all low-volume M2M/(I)IoT and mobile data applications including metering, traffi c systems, transportation and logistics, security, vending machines and facility management.

4/RB Industrial RT modem is the complete modem solution to create powerful connection between devices on a Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101 and Modbus TCP/IP, IEC 104, IEC 61850 and DNP3 on request.
RB Industrial RT enabling wireless internet confi guration and communication between devices using Modbus protocol is a universal solution for applications like substation protocol converters, data loggers, low end data concentration, multi-protocol mapping, industrial complex meter gateway, building automation with all major open standards as well as select proprietary protocols support on request.

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Activité : Mesure/ Métrologie
Effectif : de 10 à 49 salariés
Type(s) :
  • Exposant, Stand B17
Lien : http://www.elpromaelectronics.com
Pays : Poland
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